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Tired of wasting time on complex and hard to understand data and reports?

With Mimer Metrics you’ll get easy to understand dashboards with data that is relevant for you. Get an analytics dashboard that actually helps you understand your business and how to optimize it.


Tired of the complex Analytics view?

With our dashboard, you’ll get the overview needed to run your business. Simple and easy to set up with our custom or premade widgets

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Schedule PDF reports and keep up to date

Receive reports with the data that is relevant. No more one report fits all receivers. You can even schedule for individual receivers and time intervals.



Improve your website and data

We’ll provide you with suggestions and insights that can improve your data and website. We make data easy to understand and act on.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you launch?

We launch our open beta in Q4 2016. Sign up for the newsletter and keep updated for a more precise release date.

How will you collect data

You will connect your Mimer Metrics account to your Google Analytics account to get the relevant data.
Here’s how you connect to Google Analytics in a few simple steps.

Who can benefit from your service?

The short answer is: Everyone who has a website / webshop with Google Analytics tracking.
We want to give every business a better understanding of their Analytics data without being experts.

We’re an agency – Can we use the service for our clients?

As an agency you can use Mimer Metrics as a data hub for all your clients. With our custom PDF reports you can keep clients up-to-date with relevant and to-the-point reports without spending hours setting the reports up every week.

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