Create tailor made dashboards for your own company and for each of your clients.

Share each dashboard directly with the client or a specific employee. They get read-only access and will always be able to follow your progress. You can filter, change and compare the data on the fly giving your client exactly want they need to see – now they can just look at one link instead of writing you for the newest updates.

Your clients will love you for the extra time you can use to do the real work and delivering value.


Here’s an example of a dashboard:


This is a general dashboard to show the most important numbers. A quick overview to keep track of the business. Want to change, add og delete widgets? No problem. Everything is customizable.


Premade Dashboards

We have created premade dashboards for you to get started. For example a dashboard if you specifically want to look at Social Media, AdWords, Mobile or SEO data. And we’ll continue to update and make new premade dashboards. You can pick one or more, update with new widgets or delete the parts you don’t need.

Use as is or as a starting point for your own unique dashboards.


Share your dashboard

When you have made a dashboard, you might want to share it directly with a client company or a specific employee at that company.

You can do that by sharing a direct link or sending the link through email.

When sharing a dashboard people can only look at it – not change anything. Whenever you make a change, the viewer will see it also. Great for ongoing collaboration as you tweak your dashboard or for status meetings.

You can also share with your own team or put it up on a big screen for all to see depending on your needs.


Share dashboard

Visual widgets

Use visual components to show more complex data. By hovering you can get more information for each data point. Great for longer graphs or if you are looking for a specific number. This feature let’s the user go into the numbers without getting confused or lost in spreadsheets.



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