Mimer Metrics is a Danish service run by the online agency Beruf.

In our work at Beruf we have seen how difficult and time consuming it can be to understand Google Analytics. We have been in need of a tool to simplify the complex data and reporting for our clients.


The team

Henrik Christiansen

Co-Founder & customer support

Andreas Solgaard

Co-Founder & Analytics

Christopher Borum


Why the name Mimer Metrics?

Mimer (or Mímir) from the Norse mythology was known for his vast knowledge and wisdom. He gained this wisdom by drinking water from his well with the Gjallar-horn.

Odin, the king of all the gods, sacrificed his eye so that he too could drink from Mimer’s well. Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice an eye to get insights hidden in Google Analytics – you only need a Mimer Metrics account 🙂